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Welcome to Road Less Travelled, a travel website that tries to help you find new and exciting destinations to discover and helps you plan the trip of a lifetime.

Our website and blog contains information on some of our favourites destinations around the globe, some of which will be familiar, others that you may be discovering for the very first time. We decided to set up this site because of our vast experience in the travel industry, working with leading providers of holidays all around the globe. As such, you can rest assured that we possess the knowledge and experience of putting together travel information in a way that will doubtless inspire.


Selecting where to travel shouldn’t be difficult. After all, we all have a bucket list of destinations we’d like to discover. But finding something truly unique, something that will wow your friends and family, and which you will never forget, is far from easy. After all, who wants to simply relive a trip that anybody can do? We hope that, in time, we’ll be able to put together travel tips and guides that will give you more to consider and think about.

Of course, we also need help from those that have experienced a once-in-a-lifetime experience…

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If you’re a keen traveller, a budding writer, or even just somebody with some compelling holiday photos you’d like to share with other, we at Road Less Travelled are always keen to hear from you. Contributing to the site is simple; head over to our contact us page and submit an online enquiry form. One of our team will be in touch to discuss how we can help you… and you can help us.

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If you’d like us to focus on any particular destination, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can also follow us on social media, with our Facebook page providing more travel-related content. So, what are you waiting for? Find your perfect adventure and take the Road Less Travelled today.

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