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At Road Less Travelled, we want to hear about your travel experiences, and share your personal experience with others. But we understand that you deserve to be rewarded for doing so. That’s why our aim to to reward quality contributors to our website with ongoing payments that acknowledge the success of any post you contribute.


The premise of earning from Road Less Travelled is simple:

The more you write, and the more unique views your posts have, the more you earn

For example, by submitting a high-quality (and we stress ‘high quality’ – no spun or scraped content here) travel article to us for review, we’ll pay you a guaranteed sum followed by ongoing (yes, ongoing) payments based on the number of views that article has.


  • Joe Bloggs writes an 800-word article about his travel experience in New Zealand
  • For those 800 words, Joe receives a payment of £8 or £0.01 per word (sounds pretty low, right? But wait, there’s more…)
  • We post and share Joe’s article online
  • Joe tells his friends, his family – as many people as he can – to read it
  • 1,000 people read it in the first month it’s published. For that 1,000 people, Joe earns £5 (or £0.005 per unique visitor)
  • After two months, the number of people that have read it has grown to 8,000 people
  • For these 8,000 people, Joe has accrued £40
  • Joe decides to take a break from checking his earnings
  • Six months after publication, Joe’s article has been viewed a total of 22,000 times – worth £110
  • Based on Joe’s initial payment of £8 and the earnings from unique views, Joe’s article has earned him £118. He can cash out whenever he wants, and his article will keep earning for up to one year after publication
  • And that’s just one article! Now image Joe has written five articles…


Sounds good, right? Of course, the example above is simply that: an example. The secret to earning more through Road Less Travelled is to put the hard work in to crafting a high-quality (we said it again) article and promoting it. The more people you’re able to direct to your post, the more you earn.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with your articles today.

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  1. Road Less Travelled reserves the right to withhold publication of any article without notice to the author. All articles must meet our editorial approval to qualify for publication.
  2. Articles must be at least 500 words and at most 1,200 words in length and not have appeared elsewhere either in print or online. All content submitted will be checked for originality and edited accordingly.
  3. Traffic directed to the website should be wholly unique and organic. Any authors found using traffic pots, paid traffic, proxy IP addresses, or any other form of web traffic manipulation with be immediately withdrawn from the Road Less Travelled payment scheme.
  4. Road Less Travelled reserves the right to withhold any payment for work should suspicious online activity be suspected.
  5. Articles will only be eligible for payment from web traffic for the period stated (one year or 12 months) from the day of publication. After this time, ownership and copyright of any published articles will pass automatically to Road Less Travelled in accordance with these terms.
  6. Road Less Travelled reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.